One Resident’s Opinion: New Regs Re Renting our Units

By “Frustrated”

Is there anyone else that is bothered by the newly changed rules but me? I am new here and was hoping to rent out my mobile home, to help off set the rental costs when I wasn’t using it. I still have a good 10+ years of working before I can be down there full time. I understand the need for a background check (to keep us all safe). But limiting rentals to 1 month only -that’s dumb.

I had two seniors rent from me last year(1 week and 2.5 weeks) that ended up purchasing in the park. Not everyone is retired or able to spend all winter season in Florida. I understand we don’t want tons of kids or overnight travelers. Those of you that are making rules for the rest of us…come on..

Most people who are interested in renting in our park are doing so because they will soon be retiring,checking out the park/area, or have elderly parents nearby that they are visiting or helping out through illness/surgery etc…That’s how we discovered our great park; my parents live in a small RV park nearby, and we needed a place to rent that we could visit/help them for two or three weeks each winter. We bought a place here in the park, after renting ourselves, and thought we could pass on our good fortune to our friends and neighbors back home.

One more thing—renters can’t bring a pet? Isn’t that why we like living in a mobile home community? We can bring our companions with us? Of course there needs to be rules( no mean breeds,large sizes,excessive barkers) But most of us have a little fluff ball that travels with us.

Is there no grey area with this? I am not a rule breaker, but thoughtful and respectful to others within the park that we all love. I am frustrated that a few are making decisions that impact those of us that want to enjoy Florida for our only few weeks, not months.
Who is representing the renters when these rules were made?

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  1. Totally agree with “Frustrated.” That is why, after being in our family since the late 70’s, we will have to give up our place.

  2. You can read the new regulations, which go into effect on Oct 1, 2012, by going to the Co-op web site and clicking on “news.” These regulations were recently approved by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) .

    You can sign in to the Co-op News with the word “Tropicana.”

  3. Everyone was so excited when some owners bought the park. Most of us thought it would be such a nice thing because a lot of the ones that bought in had been the ones that fought for the good of the park when we needed to.

    Now they are the ones making up all these silly rules that didn’t apply when we all bought in. At the rate they are going, our rules will become a novel that no one will even bother to read; it will be so long.

    I don’t remember all this friction with the old owners. We had some issues, but they at least (the former owners) negotiated and worked with the people to solve problems. We now have no say in what changes (including lot fee hikes) that take place, and they certainly are making tons of those fee hikes, aren’t they? Some are just so stupid.

    The park has lots of homes to rent out. Would they turn down $500 a week in a rental on a vacant home? Some people do not get four weeks paid vacation; some only get a week or two.

    I just see more For Sales happening, more turnovers, and no peace in our park.

  4. I, as a resident of the Tropicana for over a fourteen years, do not want week-end guests. Short term residency is for the corner motel and not a resident owned community. If you purchase a home to enjoy the amenities of a fine community, why would you purchase with the idea of renting for ten months or more and try to make a profit? In and out guests do not have the time to read the rules. They are in a vacation and party mode which is not the answer for a fine community.

    A month minimum at a time is definitely the answer. We do not want to turn our community into “just another rental park”.

  5. New residents and of course residents that have concern and care should attend all Tropicana Homeowners Association meetings and voice their opinions. Hearing from a card game or pool exercise is not the answer. Work together as a team and something can be accomplished. Not crabbing to your neighbors. GET INVOLVED.

  6. The Tropicana is not like a Motel 6 where we leave the light on for U. We want responsible citizens that take pride in owning a home and keeping our community as a desireable entity. Why would people purchase a home with the intention of being there a few weeks, going to their northern home, renting to anyone, on line or friends and relatives, and expect them to take good care of the surroundings. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN.

  7. No one is talking about weekend guests……It so happens people have been taking great care of properties. Many more people are able to enjoy our park and even decide to purchase.

    As for a profit,it hasn’t happened– just able to have a nice place for family and friends.

    It is a trailer park, not an upscale condo!

  8. TRAILER PARK: We consider ourself a community…If you only wanted a short time, then rent.

    I think you purchased with the intent of using for a short time and making $$$$.

  9. Tropicana Homeowners wake up. Century 21 right down the street is a lovely community; rent increase was $12.74 and they still are under $500/month.

    What is the advantage of a co-op??

  10. Short term rentals would not work out because the rental time would be half over before the renter could read and understood the rule book.

    Seriously though, the previous owners did not support the rental of units as indicated in the prospectus under park rules on page 18, #8 “Residents are allowed to rent their home on a casual basis. However management must be informed in advance and must approve such an arrangement”

    Hopefully some folks did not purchase units believing they could rent them out short term, which, in effect, would turn Tropicana into a transient park. This would have a negative effect on the already low home prices.

    In general renters do not value or appreciate the community amenities as they do not have a vested interest. Many residents noticed changes last year with the increased number of renters over previous years, ie food,drinks, smoking and cigarette butts in the pool area, entering the pool prior to showering and pet litter left in several areas of the park, and just to be clear some of the offenders were Co-op renters.

    Perhaps nearby transient parks such as Indian Creek or Red Coconut would have been a better fit for such a purchase.

  11. Information to FRUSTRATED ……. Who did you think was going to work with you to find creditable people for your rentals if you are not there to supervise? Any Tom, Dick or Harry, and then the problems begin.

    People who rent are to go to the office for background checks. If you advertise on Craig’s List to rent, you can end up with sex offenders, etc.

    If you did not purchase with the intent of making money, then buying just to help out parents for five or six weeks in winter months isn’t the answer.

  12. To Desirable Tenants: Unless the rules require that an owner only rent to people that the Co-op chooses, you have no say regarding who is offered a rental in the park, other than requiring that the regulations are followed.

    Besides sex offenders, whom else would you object to and why? And what’s wrong with Tom or Dick or even Harry? And finally, do you really want to tell Frustrated how to invest in real estate, or how to arrange visits to parents, or how to go about renting their place?

    Get real! If someone buys a home here, they can do what they want as long as they stay within the rules. And if you want new rules that would more closely scrutinize the renters, then say hello to the ACLU.

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