Pay to Play

Busker plays for money. Ocean Grove, NJ By Paul Goldfinger

A street musician who plays for gratuities is called a busker. This young lady was attempting to play classical music during a car show, but at this moment, she was consulting her iPhone instead of consulting Bach on her music stand. I felt bad for this flautist who was flaunting her delicate fluting while competing with some loud rock and roll being hammered out by  a DJ with large speakers. She was ignored by most of the car crowd.

Below is a recording  by Mimi Stillman, who has performed  in the Great Auditorium. Maybe the young musician above will get the same chance someday.

We hear Mimi perform “Doce de Coco.” The is a Brazilian melody of the “chore” genre written by Jacob de Bandolim.

– Paul Goldfinger