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Nobel medal for medicine or physiology

By Paul Goldfinger, MD

From the New York Times article (October 9, 2011) “Cloning and Stem Cell Work Earns Nobel.”  This piece  by Nicholas Wade discusses the co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine, the scientist John B. Gurdon of the University of Cambridge.

Dr. John B. Gurdon, Nobel Prize winner in medicine. 2012

This quote of the day (below) is by Dr. Gurdon’s high school biology teacher:

“If he can’t learn simple biological facts he would have no chance of doing the work of a specialist, and it would be a sheer waste of time, both on his part and of those who would have to teach him.”

Forward this post to any student you know who might be struggling with high school science.

Link to the Times article:  Nobel prize article NY Times