Letter to the Editor: Welcome Packet?


Hello.  Is there some sort of a welcome packet that could be put together for new residents? We will start our 2nd season there and don’t know anyone. Our fault for not joining in, but we are not there for the whole season and have been busy rehabbing our place.

It seems like important meetings and some socials are happening when we are gone.
That’s what I like about this blog;  it keeps us connected (or tries to).

Not everyone is present or knows people to find out what’s going on. There are a few of us that are old enough to purchase, but not old enough to spend alot of time there. LOL—just trying to plan for the future

…..PS.. never been invited either….


Tropicana Park resident

October 10, 2012

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Welcome Packet?

  1. We have had welcomers for years and years. This resident probably slipped through the cracks.Tropicana Social Club is in charge of this.

  2. I have seen the WELCOME LADY place articles in the newsletter that are delivered, in season (Nov-April), to every resident in the park. Phone call to that person would do it.

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