Progress Note: Tropicana Forum

Banyon and Palm. Let’s go there and celebrate. PG

On Tuesday, October 9, we had 353 “visits” to the Tropicana Forum.   On Friday, October 12, we had 333.   The average number of visits per day has been increasing since the end of September.  Why?  Because we have been having legitimate and important discussions about matters that interest a great deal of the residents of the Park.  These numbers are especially impressive since most of you are currently up north.

It also seems clear that a growing number of you are getting more comfortable with the process. You see that it is constructive, interesting, easy to access, educational and even fun.  Our readers can offer their opinions anonymously if they wish and their identities will be protected. Actually, most of the time, we have no idea of who the commenters are.

As the winter season kicks in, the Tropicana Forum will continue to be available to the residents of Tropicana for a variety of purposes including photographs that you submit,  feature articles, announcements on our bulletin board, and classified ads if you want to sell something while the residents are on site.  We also will do polls and videos.  If you have an offering for us, you can email us at .

Thank you for your participation and interest.  The more of you who check us out, the better we will be in providing this public service.  Meanwhile let’s celebrate how well we are doing.

2 thoughts on “Progress Note: Tropicana Forum

  1. If we still have 469 units in our community and the visits to the Tropicana Forum is 353 that shows there is quite an interest. Of course there should be. And we only wish that either Management Team or Co-op would give all of us a heads-up as to the good things that happen along with concerns. We are only trying to find out about our home away from home. Whether it be a hurricane or a boil water alert. We felt an on-site managerial team was going to be the answer. We were told Newby Management was chosen as they have experience in handling situations and communication with many other communities. Paul, hats off to you. . We sure need someone like you,.who cares.about all.

  2. THA member: Thank you. I would like to point out that 353 does not represent that number of different people, because some readers visit the blog more than once per day. But I do believe that most of those “visits” represent “unique visitors” which means that they came only once that day.

    Now that we have achieved numbers like that, we will try some polls, but we need good participation for a poll to be meaningful. Anyone who votes in a poll will be anonymous and they cannot vote more than once.

    Let’s try a poll now. It is fun to see the trends. Paul

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