Mobile Home Rental Increase: What’s It All About?

You should know that there is a Florida statute which is all about mobile home park “lot tenancies.”  These rules govern how mobile home parks are run, so below is a link if you want to read about it.   I am not a lawyer, so I will make no attempt to try to interpret these provisions, but if you want some light reading at bedtime, check it out.

Note that there are some provisions which have to do with rental fees and rent increases. Some of the relevant provisions include 723.021,  723.031, 723.033, 723.037 and 723.059. There also are provisions having to do with homeowners’ associations (e.g. 723.075)

Click on the link below.  —-Paul

Florida Statute 723

SOUNDTRACK FOR FLORIDA 723:     Teddy Thompson from the film  “Brokeback Mountain.”