Can We All Get Along? Forum Poll Concludes with an Editorial and Your Comments

Thanks to all of you who participated in this poll  (see the post below) . The question was, “Do you believe that we can have harmonious relationships between the Co-op and the THA in the future?”

36 Tropicana residents were willing to respond.  The question asked for opinions at this point in time,  and such  opinions could  change in the future, depending on the course of events.

Of course, the numbers are too small to come to any definite conclusion, but I believe we have learned something important:  It seems that there may be a significant number of residents who are not optimistic about relationships within the park. They either voted NO or UNDECIDED, so, at the least, I think we can say that this result provides a clue–a wakeup call–about a problem that should be addressed.

If you accept the idea that there is a problem, then  we have to conclude that the various organized groups in the park have not done enough to encourage a harmonious environment here. But, it is a situation that ought to be fixable, and  the forthcoming meeting between the THA and the Co-op may be a beginning.

Based on this concern,  all the citizens of the park ought to be thinking of how to work together towards consensus, trust  and neighborliness.  Maybe what is needed is a Tropicana council of leaders who meet regularly and whose only job is to find ways to bridge the gaps.  This group should consist of:  Presidents of the various organizations;  the resident manager, and Newby management;   but also another constituency should have a seat at the table; let’s call them the “unaffiliated residents.”   And , in the interest of transparency, allow the press in the room as  well,  including the Social Club newsletter, the Tropicana Forum and any other publications that might be active in the park.  And please, no secret closed meetings.

—Paul Goldfinger, editor, The Tropicana Forum  (

Please comment below regarding your opinions about this poll result.

6 thoughts on “Can We All Get Along? Forum Poll Concludes with an Editorial and Your Comments

  1. Hope the undecided vote will change their mind to a Yes vote during season. This year could be different. Let us wait and see.

  2. So very happy to see the poll indicates what we all want and are willing to strive for, harmony like it was ten years ago.

  3. I didn’t know how to vote….I was not aware of all the issues when we bought our mobile home a year ago. Since reading this forum and learning about the animosity between the two groups, I think we are going to wait till after the Oct. meeting to see if everyone plays nice.

    I guess since we didn’t purchase our land we belong in the THA camp. I would like to hear more from Mr. Van Fleet about our rights as renters instead of more don’ts from the shareholders/park police.

    What’s with the new rule against bird feeders?

    I honestly wish we would have known all this before we purchased; we were considering your neighbor Century 21 but thought our park was more quaint..little did we know the trouble lurking…

  4. The rule about bird feeders is in place because the dropped birdseed draws rodents, opossums, etc. and you, as a homeowner, don’t want those in or under your place. Friends had one (opossum) that died under their place and it smelled. Was expensive to remove it.

  5. I have had bird feeders at four different properties for over 30 years,and have never had a rodent, opossum problem. I understand it could happen, but it’s not the norm.

  6. Ff…we are also ‘just renters.’ Except for the bird feeder thing, you have expressed all OUR confusion and concern.

    We didn’t understand the Co-op idea.

    If we had known about all these issues, we might have thought twice about our purchase.

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