What does the Florida statute #723.037 say about the meeting to be held with the THA and the Co-Op?

Florida statute 723.037

The operation of mobile home parks is governed by Florida statutes. The section that talks about rent increases is 723.037. (link above)

In that section it talks about challenges to an announced rent increase:

“A committee, not to exceed five in number, designated by a majority of the affected mobile home owners or by the board of directors of the homeowners’ association, if applicable, and the park owner shall meet, at a mutually convenient time and place within 30 days after receipt by the homeowners of the notice of change, to discuss the reasons for the increase in lot rental amount, reduction in services or utilities, or change in rules and regulations.”

But there is a quote below, from the statute, which raises an issue as to whether a majority of “affected homeowners” have signed a document agreeing to representation by the homeowners association:

“The homeowners’ association shall have no standing to challenge the increase in lot rental amount, reduction in services or utilities, or change of rules and regulations unless a majority of the affected homeowners agree, in writing, to such representation.”

Does the meeting on October 26 meet these requirements, or is there some other explanation? Perhaps the meeting is just a fact finding mission that is not subject to the majority rule. Does anyone know the facts who is willing to explain how this works?

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9 thoughts on “What does the Florida statute #723.037 say about the meeting to be held with the THA and the Co-Op?

  1. We should probably not keep our fingers crossed about any new/positive outcomes…Please surprise me!

  2. Hi Forum friends,
    I just found out that the THA Board “directed the removal”of the blog. Why??? What are you so afraid of? What’s wrong with a free exchange of information we can all learn from, instead of never knowing what’s going on down there!!

  3. Anyone who has invested in the Co-op should take an interest in how the Co-Op is being run, and that includes compliance with Florida statutes.

  4. Up North – Sometimes we think for six months while up north we are in the dark. The other six months have always been secretive. Just a choice few have say and do. We need communication for this fine community to exist. All in favor say —– aye

  5. How can the Tropicana Homeowners Board direct that the Blog be removed. Don’t they feel everyone needs pertinent information?

  6. Since the THA Board is directing that the Blog be removed, I imagine we will not know if the THA negotiating committee met with the Tropicana Co-op Board, as today is October 27 and the meeting was yesterday. Hhhhmmmm .

  7. Unfortunately,so far, there appears to be an information blackout on the meeting. I could find no reference to the meeting on the Co-op web site or the THA website. Also, no one has emailed me any information to share with you.

    Note that the “blog” referred to in this comment is the blog component on the THA website. This is not a reference to the Tropicana Forum which also is a blog. —Paul, editor@ Tropicanaforum.com

  8. How do you become a THA member? Are we automatically members if we don’t own a piece of the co-op?If not, what are homeowners who just rent from Newby and aren’t Co-op members? Who represents us?

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