Return from the land of the hurricane.

These two boats were swept out of the water and onto this family’s front yard. To get there it had to sail uphill a couple of city blocks.    PG photo in Neptune Twp, NJ.

I thought Florida was the land of the hurricanes.  We got slammed at the Jersey shore. Many of the towns near me in Monmouth and Ocean County were badly damaged.  My town had some problems, but the biggest was the loss of power. Tonight it returned, so I can get back in touch.

I hope all is well at Tropicana. I see the Co-op board has posted the Oct. 25 minutes on their web site.  I have to catch up on that and the Social Club newsletter.  No one submitted anything to us  in the way of news since I vanished among the soaking wet and powerless people of the Jersey shore and elsewhere including areas hurt in New York City.  If you want to see what we experienced in Ocean Grove, NJ, go to Blogfinger web site

We will be back to Tropicana for a few weeks later this month.  I hope to meet some of you personally. We are at 16611 Camelia Dr.       Paul Goldfinger

ps  Here’s a little tune by Al Martino, from The Godfather. I’m not Italian, but some of my best friends are.  This one’s for them.  Salute!