Co-op and THA Meeting Ends in Failure. Newby walks out because the THA brought a lawyer.

Here is what was published in the November Tropicana Social Club Newsletter.  It is a statement from Bob Van Fleet of the Tropicana Homeowners Association (THA):

“The THA Statutory Committee met with Newby management on Friday October 26, 2012 for the purpose of rental increase discussion. Because of our legal representation being present, Newby Management walked out of the meeting. The meeting will resume at a later date when Newby Management has legal representation. 

“I continue to hope that as in the past, all residents of Tropicana will continue to work with each other in the continued building of harmony and unity within our community.”

Thank you to Kitty and “Back home up north” for telling us about the item in the Newsletter.   No one involved sent us any detailed information, but that is no surprise.

Today I finally got the chance to read the Newsletter from Dick Krieg.

The health of the Co-op finances/management and the relationship of the THA to the Co-op are significant issues for anyone who lives in the Tropicana Park.  Surely the officials who represent all of us could do better in communicating the facts. We deserve something other than a sound bite.

The people of Tropicana need to demand transparency from their representatives in order to avoid frustration, rumors and anger.

Note that Mr Van Fleet also announced that the THA meeting scheduled for Nov 15 will be rescheduled to Thursday, Dec. 6.  After that, the group will meet, as usual, on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Also the Tropicana Social Club was to have a general meeting on November 5.   Ron  Covington, President of the Co-op Board, was supposed to speak.  Perhaps someone who attended that meeting will tell us what Covington had to say and what the audience had to say to him.  The TSC will have an executive board meeting on Nov 15 at 1 p.m.

Please share the news with your neighbors.

Paul, editor at the

4 thoughts on “Co-op and THA Meeting Ends in Failure. Newby walks out because the THA brought a lawyer.

  1. This comment was submitted on Nov. 6, 2012

    The meeting never was.. The Co-op group walked out since THA had legal representation and they did not. Didn’t you get the most recent “Tropicana Topics”? Basically the newsletter had little blips from different officers about all the issues we have been discussing and it all was blown off for one reason or another. Not good. You can read all about it here:

  2. This comment was submitted on Nov. 6, 2012

    Why couldn’t the president of the THA have posted on his website the results of the meeting?? Many of us asked nicely for results of the much antisipated meeting, two weeks later still nothing? I found the results in the Nov. newsletter on the back page…..
    Newby walked out of the meeting because THA brought legal representation. Hopefully to meet later…
    THAT’s IT??? Paul has been so busy with his own hometown problems,we understand. But this was a time for you Mr. Van Fleet with your THA website to post and keep us informed. Why have a THA if you don’t monitor the forum to see what questions people are asking?
    Please respond..

  3. Would somebody please clarify our status for me ?

    a) we OWN the mobile home that’s located in this park, b) we pay a MONTHLY RENTAL FEE for the lot on which it’s located.
    What are we? Shareholders? Homeowners? Strictly renters? as you can see…we bought in without really understanding what it all would mean.
    2). “back home…north” would you (or somebody) kindly share with us the back page you referred to?

    3). if the THA is uncomfortable about posting the meeting info on the website, confer with the ‘legal rep’, but give us something.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Sometimes a comment will be important enough that it will be posted in two places.


  4. As I understand it, since no one has answered any of my posted questions. People who pay rent and own their mobile are eligible to join the THA (however one does that). Others paid big bucks up front to buy their lot in Tropicana hence becoming partial owners in the Co-op and a bigger voice in it’s running. They are the shareholders.

    Newby was hired by the Co-op to manage the whole thing.(please correct me if i’m wrong here….)

    That’s the whole problem I’ve surmised that the share holders and THA members are in two different camps and don’t communicate.

    Hopefully with this fine forum we can figure out a way to use this tool effectively.We can ask and the right people will respond to peoples issues and problems and joy’s!

    As for the back page I was referring too, click on the above response from “kitty” to the tropicana News link. Every month on the Tropicana website there is a link to read it; “tropicana” is the homeowners password. No one ever told me this; I just had to figure it out.

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