The Boys in the Boat: Goin’ Fishin’

Ted Skrypak (L), Virgil Ferry (C) and Ron Weber.   PG photo


This crew got a late start on a beautiful Tuesday morning as they prepared to leave Tropicana for some  deep water fishing in the Gulf. Two of them are from Wisconsin, and although they don’t have the Gulf of Mexico, they do have “plenty of water” according to Ron Weber.  Virgil Ferry, the other “cheesehead” took exception to the idea that they don’t have big water  there.  “How ’bout Lake Michigan,” he asked?

Captain Ted Skrypak of Kentucky can’t brag much about Kentucky fishing compared to Lake Michigan or Superior, but he owns the boat, so, he doesn’t have to explain.

The threesome were heading out near Pine Island in the hopes of catching some Ocean trout.  They use lures like artificial shrimp.

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