Tropicana Forum Business Office Open

Lulu is pedal pushing to Paul’s house. Tropicana Mobile Manor. PG photo 2012

I am in the park for a few weeks, so if any of you want to discuss anything about the Forum, just drop us an email to set up a meeting:

We will post classified adds if you want to sell something.

Also we want to post a list of your favorite restaurants in the vicinity of the Trop Park.  Just tell us the name, the location and why you think it is so good.  Please include directions to the place.

If you want to be on our email list, just send your email address to me at You can give me a pseudonym or your real name.

Now that things are heating up in the park, perhaps some of you will send us your opinions.  This concept cannot accomplish much without some participation from the rest of you.  If you go to an event, please send us a brief report about all the fun you had.  Attach a photo or two if you can. Even if you can’t write a paragraph, just send some information, and we will rewrite it.  You can do these things using a fake name if  you wish.  It’s the ideas that interest us, not your identity.

Thanks,  Paul

Oh, besides myself, Lulu’ s also back in town. Just ask Mel Torme: