Lakes Park Farmers Market Opens.

Sample some homemade Marinara sauce at the Lake Park Farmers Market. Paul Goldfinger photo. Click left for larger version

The Lakes Park Farmers Market on Gladiolus Drive  (rt. 865) in Fort Myers, Florida,   is one of our favorite places around here.  They opened two weeks ago, and you can go every Friday from 9 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. through April.  You just take Gladiolus past the Summerlin exit, and it is on the left side.  There is a turn lane there.

It is a fun place with plenty of parking, a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables , live music, soaps, fresh meats, fresh fish, hats, baskets, French baguettes and cheeses, homemade mozzarella and basil, fresh made guacamole, soul food, Greek and Turkish foods ready-to-eat, and many other fun items.

I like the photo ops, while Eileen enjoys chatting with the merchants who love to talk about their products. Today we got to sample some wonderful sausage and marinara sauce dunked with Italian bread. We also had beignets and  New Orleans coffee.

Caroline with her “Two More Pockets” design. Lake Parks Farmers Market. Fort Myers, Florida. November 16, 2012. Paul Goldfinger photo.

We met Caroline Carbonnier Erlandson, a dynamic Swedish mother-of -four who, along with her family, often models for advertising photo shoots where wholesome good-looking kids and parents are required.

But today, Caroline was demonstrating her invention which she calls “Two More Pockets.” It is sort of a fanny pack that you wear around your waste to free up your arms and avoid shoulder and neck fatigue.  But her product is worn with the two pockets on the side for easy and attractive access.

On the inside is a third pocket.  This clever item sells for $32.00.  They come in light tan and black.  Eileen bought one for her morning walks in Tropicana.  This is a new product, so Caroline needs to develop some extra large sizes for men and some women.  She usually is at the market, except if they are off doing their wholesome Swedish-American family thing.

If you are interested, you can call her at 239 464 8364.

Lakes Park Farmers Market. PG photo