Tropicana Social Club Provides Picnic Benches Near the Clubhouse

Did you ever consider going to the pool for a nice lunch or dinner with friends?  Well, you are not allowed to do that.  But now, thanks to a generous contribution by the Tropicana Social Club, there are  six beautiful picnic benches outside the pool fence perimeter.

TSC president Ted Skrypak received approval from the Co-op for this idea, and the TSC will make sure that the benches are cared for, including chaining them down during the off-season.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the TSC for finding a gift that will improve the social life of residents who want alfresco dining with a water view, right here in the park.

The one thing which might disturb your serenity over there are the loud noises emanating from the green cement building.  It sounds like a group of desperate convicts are trying to saw their way out.  But despite that, this looks like a win-win situation.

If it becomes popular, Ted may have to be the maitre d’ and take reservations.

Here’s a panoramic view of the situation:

So now,  it’s time to set up a party—  food, music, dancin’–It’s Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes:

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