Tropicana Profiles: Ben Merritt, cyclist.

Ben Merritt in the Tropicana Clubhouse pool. PG photo

I met Ben Merritt a few days ago when he was doing endless laps in the Clubhouse pool. It was a cold morning; the air temperature was 54 degrees.   Without pausing, and with his face buried in the water  (except for a few gulps of air), Ben kept going for at least 30 minutes while I was there.

The reason Ben, an athletic 58 year old, is in such great shape is that he bicycles about 60 miles (100 kilometers) every day, whether he is here or at his home in Windsor, Ontario—a town near Detroit.  This year, so far, he had pedaled 21,000 miles.   After Ben retired from GM, he wanted to fill his life with activities, so he chose cycling which takes up about 4 hours each day.  One reason for choosing cycling was to stave off the physical effects of early arthritis.  He also works out at a gym.

Ben’s goal was to find a warm weather winter home, and he and his wife discovered Tropicana three years ago. They spend 6 months here.   “I’m living the dream,” he said, as he dried himself off after climbing out of the pool.  He wasn’t even breathing hard.

All that exercise must be doing good for Ben’s mood, because he is a friendly outgoing guy who was willing to talk to me despite being wet, half naked and out in that shivery- cool morning.

I  asked Ben about the rise in Chevy sales, but he shifted gears and recommended the Cadillac XTS.  “It’s a great car and very quiet.”  This from a guy who knows about GM cars, but I bet most of you would also have chosen a Caddy from the GM array —unless you are the Corvette type.

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  1. I can’t think of a nicer guy. Benny is a legend in S.W. Ontario.

    He has helped me achieve many goals including riding over 250 miles from Amherstburg Ontario to Fort Erie Ontario in one day.

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