How to Dispose of an American Flag

Lambertville, NJ. Paul Goldfinger photo

Lambertville, NJ. Paul Goldfinger photo

If an American flag becomes worn, torn or faded, it should be disposed of properly.  You can take it to a VFW post, an American Legion post, or a government office. Sometimes the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts will have collections.

It is permitted to wash a flag gently using mild soap and water. Some dry cleaners will clean your flag for free, especially in July.  You also are allowed to repair a flag.

The traditional way to destroy a flag is to burn it. Usually the blue field is cut out, leaving two pieces of cloth–i.e. it is no longer a flag. If that is not done, it should be folded, ideally into a traditional triangle.  Then it can be burned to ashes which are then buried.

—Paul Goldfinger

MUSICAL TRIBUTE:  Sousa’s  Semper Fidelis   (always loyal)  by the US Marine Band