Pocono Autumn

Autumn, Scotrun, Pennsylvania.  By Paul Goldfinger.  Left click for full image.

Autumn, Scotrun, Pennsylvania.   By Paul Goldfinger. Left click for full image. Copyright 2012.

There’s a town in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, near the Delaware Water Gap, called Scotrun.   John and Jean live up a curved country road named after the family that settled that area.  It’s called Krantz Hill Road. You drive up the hill and pass old barns and houses, spread apart.  Hunters track deer in that part of the country. When deer season starts, schools are closed so the kids can join in.  It starts with bow season, and then the guns appear.

John and Jean have a long  driveway that rises to their home which was built in the 1930’s and sits on a hill.  It’s a perfect house for that property which consists of woods and fields.  They can relax in their living room and see the Gap. (No, not the store at the mall)    They also can see the deer moving through along with bear that prowl around the neighborhood.  They have rigged up a bird feeder that the bears can’t reach, and quite a variety of birds migrate that way.

If you walk through those woods, you find old stone walls which are common through woodsy areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  John is a hunter whose field dog is a German short hair named Gillie who gets to run free through the woods around the house, until John calls him.  John is a no-nonsense guy, and that dog comes right back when summoned.

Delaware Water Gap taken from Scotrun. By Paul Goldfinger

Delaware Water Gap taken from John and Jean’s porch in  Scotrun.  By Paul Goldfinger

Autumn is the best time to visit there.  These  photographs  were obtained on their property, just walking around and experiencing a special place.   —Paul Goldfinger

SOUNDTRACK:  Vivaldi’s Four Seasons—-“Autumn”:

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  1. I really need to find a place like this. I’m not quite sure how far north from San Diego I’d have to drive to do that. I just miss those trees cnhaging colors so much. This outdoor lunch setting is simply perfect.

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