Tropicana Forum Video: Tampa Channelside District

Tampa, Florida is two hours north of Tropicana.  It is a large city with two big bays, a channel for cruise ships, and an ocean.  It is an up-and-coming place. The Channelside area is ablaze with apartment buildings under construction, many geared to young people who are entering the job market or are still in college at Tampa University.  The job and real estate markets are increasing there, and if you walk around you see lots of street life.  There is an aquarium which is quite good and some really great restaurants including the original Columbian, a Cuban influenced place in the historic Ybor City neighborhood.

The video was shot by me from the 14th story of one of those new condo/apartment buildings in Channelside.  It is owned by a young single guy I know who is enjoying more views in that area than just this one, taken at dusk/rush hour.