Excellent Breakfast Place: The Sunflower Cafe

Sunflower Cafe, Fort Myers.  PG photo

Sunflower Cafe, Fort Myers. PG photo

The sign says “home cooking and cocktails.”  I don’t know about the latter, because we like to go for breakfast, but if you like home cooked diner-style restaurants, this place is very good.  Coming from New Jersey, we are used to diner food, and the Sunflower Cafe is popular for good reasons—the food is better than most diners we have frequented.  It is really fresh and made with pride.   The service is also fine.  They are open for dinner, and that might be worth a try.  It’s also not expensive.

You get there by taking MacGregor to the big intersection and turning right on San Carlos.  Go under the Summerlin over pass and turn left as if you are going to get on Summerlin heading north.   But, instead, just bear right where you see the Sunflower Cafe sign and pull into the little commercial park where , in the back, is the Cafe.

Try it, you’ll like it.        —Paul

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