Paddleboarding: A new and mellow sport for the calm waters of the Gulf

Paddleboarding by Bunche Beach  News-Post photo

Paddleboarding by Bunche Beach. News-Post photo

We were relaxing at one of the Causeway Islands Park beaches last month when we spotted a young lady standing on a surf board and paddling parallel to the beach. She was out there about 400 yards, and her motion seemed effortless. She kept going until she was out of sight. I commented that she probably had a one-way ticket, because she would never make it back.

But about one hour later, back she came. She passed in front of us and then kept going until she was out of sight in the other direction. We asked our son about it and he said that it was getting more and more popular in Florida where, I guess, there isn’t much surfboarding going on.

Now we found this article about it in the News-Press below. The picture is much better if you click below —-

And here are the Beach Boys:


Paddleboarding in SW Florida