A Picture Story on Sanibel

tell story

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I say that pictures can tell a story.  The photo above was taken one afternoon on Sanibel Island at Lighthouse Park.   If you go there, walk left and you will come to this place by the fishing pier.  The Sanibel Lighthouse is behind the photographer (me)

You can click left on the photo to better see what this is all about.

There are several stories going on here.   First is the kid coming out of the water.   He has found an unusual shell.  At least he thinks it is unusual.  He tell us that he collects “rare shells.”  When he came out of the water, he took Eileen back to the beach to see his collection, but he had placed them into a hole in the sand, and now they were gone.  He was chagrined.

shell seeker

Up on the pier you will see a young man and a young woman.  They seem to be on a first date. They are  wearing backpacks and are up against the railing and are chatting hesitantly . Mostly they talk while looking down at the water, but sometimes they look at each other.  There doesn’t appear to be any chemistry between them.  Later they go down to sit on the beach, but we never knew if they had bathing suits on underneath. First dates can be awkward and suffer from ill preparedness.

Also on the pier, a mom tries to compete with pelicans feeding below.

mom photo

The lady giving the evil eye to the photographer is Eileen.  But she has no evil eye.  She’s just wondering about the picture taking.  She thinks I am shooting the pier and she doesn’t know why.  But she is part of the story and she will be in the photo.

The end.  —Paul Goldfinger photos and text

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