The Rules Rule: What about dogs?

I have heard a variety of opinions regarding dog rules in the Park. So here is the scoop from the  Tropicana Co-op Inc. Rules for Community Living.  These rules were approved by the Florida DBPR on June 19, 2012 and became effective October 1, 2012. There are some minor changes compared to the last version regarding pets.

They are posted on the Co-op website in the form of a pdf file.  You go to “” and click on “news.”      Then scroll down to “rules.”

1.  Dogs are permitted, but renters and guests may not bring pets here.

2. There are no rules regarding the size of dogs.  The only admonition is that no “vicious dogs ” are allowed. This includes Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and mixtures of these breeds, or any other vicious dogs.

3. Only two dogs or cats are allowed per household, but they have to be approved by management. They must have the required shots and licenses.

4.  There are other stipulations having to do with excess barking, tethering the animals outside and poop disposal.

Oh, and here’s another rule:

What about if you are in your own carport?

What about if you are in your own carport?