Tropicana Forum comes back to life:

Camelia Drive. Tropicana Co-op. December 11, 2020. Blogfinger photo.


In 2013 we began the Tropicana Forum blog  to provide a place for intelligent discussions about life  in our peaceful village.  It seemed like people could bring up topics which might stimulate others to comment.

We posted several hundred items, often with photographs, music,  and interesting topics, but Tropicana wasn’t quite ready back then.

Now we have a lot to talk about, and the Facebook site is chaotic due to the lack of editing.  Also it is only open to shareholders.

This site is open to anyone who wants to visit.  You can go to  There you can leave a comment at the end of any post.  Or you can comment by sending us an email, and we will transfer it to the blog.  Email

Or just enjoy the photos, music and opinions.

The old posts are also archived and seen by scrolling down past the recent material. Some of those will move forward in time and be reprised in 2020.


Paul Goldfinger, MD.   Editor.




2 thoughts on “Tropicana Forum comes back to life:

  1. We’re new to the Tropicana, we love it here, but it’s been interesting to say the least. Thanks for sharing this.

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