“I’m in heaven when the music begins….”*

Central Park, Manhattan, NYC. Darkroom print from a 35 mm negative. Paul Goldfinger photograph. ©


GLENN MILLER ORCHESTRA from the Oscar winning movie The Shape of Water:  “ I Know Why and So Do You.”  The title*  “I’m in Heaven When the Music Begins” is a lyric from this song.



EDITOR’S NOTE:    This song is originally from a 1941 film called “Sun Valley Serenade.”     Below is a movie clip of this song.   Don’t you love the bird’s nest in Paula Kelly’s hair?  She is singing with the band and with The Modernaires. Note the clarinet and the tenor sax solos.  And don’t you think she’s in love with the piano player?  And finally, can any of you recall that Gypsy violins were romantic?