Moon over Miami—not quite; head west.

The eastern sky over Tropicana at 7:30 pm, 12/29/20.  Fort Myers, Fla-la-land.    Paul Goldfinger photo©  Click on the photo to get the full monty.


By Paul Goldfinger, MD.


It was the brightest moon we ever saw.  It wasn’t quite full, but definitely dramatic. Moon photos and songs are usually associated with romance.  But this scene, with a periphery of pink, seemed to connote fire or anger.

The photo was technically difficult, so I took quite a few exposures before deciding on this one.  It was shot with a color camera and a high light sensitivity setting.  The lens was open wide.


GLENN MILLER AND HIS ORCHESTRA with “Moonlight Serenade  from the soundtrack of Woody Allen’s movie Stardust Memories which was filmed at the Jersey Shore where Eileen and I live.



Editor’s note:    Here is our best known Jersey shore post about the making of Stardust Memories.*  It is about Woody’s setting this black and white film, his favorite, in Ocean Grove where we live and where there is a giant church called the Great Auditorium which was turned into a seashore hotel for this movie.  Woody took down the old and beat-up electric cross, but he later bought a new one for the town.

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