Be a pepper at the Lakes Park Farmers Market

Red pepper cost $1.00.   4 x 4 inches.   Photo by Paul and Eileen Goldfinger. © Jan1, 2021.


The Lakes Park Farmers Market is every Wednesday at the Lakes Park accessed from Gladiolus Ave. in Fort Myers, about 15 minutes from Tropicana.  Eileen found some bargains there including this $1.00 red pepper .  She also bought beefsteak tomatoes, mushrooms, 3-pack of romaine lettuce, eggplants and other produce which ranged in price from $1.00-$2.00 each.  We also found NY bagels and flagels, high quality coffee beans, licorice, and a great hat crochet   (for me)  with raffia made in Madagascar—-very cool.


A famous commercial: