Rattling our cage..

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We want to explain a few things about this blog:

If you go to http://www.tropicanaforum.com it will take you to the home page.  There you should see 3 items:  about, contact us, and policy.  It might say “menu” so just click that.

Some have wondered about our identity.  You can find that in the about section.   I am Paul Goldfinger, MD  and I write all our content except recipes, gardening, and household topics.   Eileen helps with proofreading and ideas.  We are shareholder residents in the Park. Our primary home is in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

For some posts we will have a byline, but if we use material by anyone else, we will give the necessary credit.

One important point: If someone comments on one of our posts, you will be able to read that comment by clicking on “comments” at the bottom right of that post.  The comments section is “must-read” if you look at the Forum.

Most of our photographs are our originals. The music is all purchased from iTunes.

Some people want to criticize our opinions, and that is OK, but personal attacks will be rejected throughout the blog.

There are those who refer to me as Blogfinger. That is because my blog in New Jersey is called Blogfinger.net. It has been running for 11 years and had won awards for our efforts.

Thank you for your interest.

—Paul and Eileen