Relaxing at the park.

Lakes Park. Ft.  Myers.   Dec. 29, 2020. Paul Goldfinger photo © Click to see her puzzle.


By Paul Goldfinger, MD     Editor

This woman is a crossword puzzle buff and she seemed so relaxed at the Lakes Park last week. She wasn’t interested in shopping–just stress management.

We were there for the farmers market which is held every Wednesday 9 am to 1 pm.  But the surroundings are beautiful, and you can see the bridge which is for walking back and forth from the far side.

That Park was ripped to pieces several years ago by a hurricane—I think it was Irma in 2017.  There are islands in the water which were major bird breeding grounds and it was sad to see the devastation.   But the park management has done a great job in rehabilitating that sanctuary.

If you have a dog or a grandchild, take him there for a walk and for bird watching.  There are picnic tables with shady roofs and benches.

If you go on market day, they have fresh coffee, snacks, and baked goods.  The market used to be bigger, but it has been scaled back very nicely. They got rid of some of the schlocky crafts and pseudo-medical snake-oil displays.

If you are out in nature you may be able to remove your mask. Most shoppers are adhering to prevention methods.

Directions:   Take Gladiolus until you are getting close to Rt. 41. There are signs. Entrance and parking are on the left.


REGINA CARTER  (violin) AND KENNY BARRON (piano)   “Shades of Gray” from their album Freefall.