Raised eyebrows at the Co-op.

TropicanaForum.com  January 4, 2021


Have any of you seen instructions regarding how the vote would be accomplished at tomorrow’s 1 pm meeting.? Maybe I missed it.  We know that there will be a zoom component. Instructions were sent out for those who wanted proxy voting.

Have any of you received some details about the meeting on Jan 5. If so, please email to us.*

We do know that a ballot was being arranged for those who will be voting at the meeting.

We know that because we have an email from Tropicana Co-op (“Tropicana@newbymanagement.com”)  to  Brian Chase (“brian@atlaslaw.com”)  at 11:46 am today.. The email says “Brian: We need the ballot for tomorrow’s meeting/vote.”

Brian Chase sent a reply email at 11:50 am from  “brian@atlaslaw.com” to “Tropicana@newbymanagement.com”  It said, “I’ll get one drafted up ASAP; I can probably use the one from November”

We have a copy of the ballot:


Proposed ballot for Jan 5, 2021. From Brian Chase, lawyer.


Then, at 11:53 am, the same Co-Op source sent an email to Brian Chase:  This one is interesting:

“Thank you Brian!!

“By the way, I did some research on MHM and discovered that We (Newby) manages their Florida properties. I was not aware of that. Thought you should know and I have asked John Hall and Joel Weaver to both be present tomorrow, as some eye brows are being raised at this revelation.”

“Just a heads up.”

Italics above are ours.


So, why would this “revelation raise some eye brows” in Tropicana?   And who are John Hall and Joel Weaver?

Anybody want to connect these dots?  If so, let us know at Blogfinger@verizon.net


And, one more thing:  Remember the spiral book that all shareholders received regarding the Murex process?  In the front was a letter from the Co-OP president Dennis Friemann.

At the end of his letter he says, “We look forward to working with you to address and answer any questions or concerns you may have before the final shareholder vote on January 5, 2021″.  

Is that true?  Can’t Murex come back with yet another offer before the deadline of February 6.?

—Paul Goldfinger, MD, Editor, TropicanaForum.com