Wedding party at the Edison Estate in Ft. Myers..

Wedding Party. Fort Myers, Florida. March 2011. By Paul Goldfinger


This photo requires a bit of narrative.  It’s a beautiful Saturday in Fort Myers, Florida, at the Edison Estate  (the winter home of  Thomas A.)

We’re milling about , sizing up the tour which we are about to take, when a white limo pulls up.  Out spills the bridal party. The wedding photographer is fumbling with his equipment, and the women form a protective ring around the bride.

So here I am with my camera, and this scene unfolds right in front of me. I pick up my Leica and start shooting. I’m caught up in the event; I’m a paparazzi, circling the scene like a shark—moving in with my wide angle lens.

Just then, a cell phone rings multiple times, with the sound coming from the right side.  It’s  the bride’s mother.  I snap the photo, and then the bride says, “Mom!! I think your phone’s ringing!!”    —Paul Goldfinger


Editor’s Note:  I can’t leave it like that–with Mom’s phone ringing. The bride is so beautiful, let’s imagine that we can fast forward to later in the day, when all eyes are on her.  Here are the Jaguars: