What’s going on? How about some transparency.

This Tropicana frog appeared on our lanai window today wanting to know what’s going on. Forum photo.



The vote to reject Murex was held on January 5, 13 days ago.  We heard nothing after that from our Co-Op president.  On January 13 we received an email with a letter from the Pres. dated Jan.6.  We are told that letter went out on Jan. 6., but some of us did not get it.     Here it is in an email dated Jan. 13 from Clarice:



So, “The Board of Directors will be working with Attorney Brian Chase to develop a plan to proceed.”

But they don’t tell us what kind of plan they are working on. What are the issues that they are wrestling with for the last 13 days? And then, when they decide to open up and tell us something, we will have to wait an additional 14 days to have a shareholders meeting.  Why are they so slow?

At the end of his letter, Friemann says, “ Feel free to contact any Board Member or the office if you have need additional information.”  He wants us to provide him with “additional information.”  Really?

OK–Hey Friemann:   You have a preliminary offer from MHM sitting in front of you like a half dead bait fish.  It was important enough for you to toss on the voting table with the goal being to destroy the Murex plan.  Thanks to you, a large number of “yes” voters changed to “no.”

So now Friemann, how about reviving that half dead bait fish and process it as a legitimate offer, and then close the deal within two weeks.  It will be approved if all elements turn out to be acceptable, and that shouldn’t take long because we went down that road with Murex.

So why are they so slow now ?   Since they hurriedly dropped that MHM sabotage offer in our laps, it would be good if they hurry up with this phase as well.  Or are they too busy shutting down their Facebook page to all whose opinions they despise?   Why didn’t they schedule a meeting 14 days from the vote?   Why are they stalling?  What are they hiding?

And why do we now need a meeting?  Just go ahead with MHM which was the first interloper to show up.

And maybe some of us want to have something to say now, even before a meeting. Open the door Dennis and let us in.

WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON!   Some of us are getting older.