Craziness at the Co-Op Board


We received a letter by email from the Board President dated January 6, but it arrived to us on Jan. 13.  That letter did not mention any specific future meeting date.   We posted that letter already.  Here it is again  (below)


Now we have learned that another email letter from the President surfaced also on Jan. 13, but we didn’t see it until today.  The explanation of the confused dating is unclear.   Look at this letter yourself below.  The email  letter arrived on Jan 13, but it is actually undated.

Here it is below.  It mentions a shareholders meeting on February 9.  It looks like that meeting will be about plans to sell the park.


It’s very strange.  On the day of the Murex vote, after the results were announced, the attorney, Brian Chase said that the process could begin to move forward before Feb. 6, but now we see that Feb. 6 is unchanged as the date to jettison Murex and move onto something else.

The calendar maneuvering that gets us to a Feb 9 meeting is unclear.  When did the 14 day count begin?   We spoke to a long time resident and shareholder who usually is up-to date on the goings on around here, and that person had no idea that a Feb. 9 meeting had been planned.

So, regardless of the calendar shuffle, it looks like Feb. 9 will be an important meeting for shareholders.  Details are above, and a mailing will provide the agenda.

It’s time that the Board stop being so secretive and keep all shareholders advised as to what the heck is going on.

And finally where is Newby??  Don’t they have any responsibility to direct what’s going on besides what the lawyer says?




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