Co-Op sends a letter regarding the Feb 9 “special shareholders meeting.”

How do groups make decisions?



This  unsigned and undated letter was received by us via USPS on Jan 22, 2021.  It was on nobody’s letterhead.  But the envelope said that it was from the Tropicana Co-Op.  It was about the shareholders meeting to be held on Feb. 9 at 1 pm.



Forum Comments:   Paul Goldfinger, MD, Editor


a.   The process should be open to all shareholders.   Every offer that comes in should be shared with us.

b.   The decision of realtor or not must be discussed on Feb. 9

c.  We cannot trust this board to be assessing these offers behind closed doors.  Full transparency is required.

d.  We had that sabotage offer (MHM) which threw Murex under the bus.   Most of the shareholders were excited by that MHM offer, so let’s go there first.  Get a term sheet, review it with all of us, and then vote.  This will get to the point, get us to the bank soon  with a smile on our faces, and get back to having fun.


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