Faces at the farmers market: Britney

Ft. Myers, Florida,  Friday Outlets market. Paul Goldfinger photograph. © 1/22/21


I met her as we were leaving and she was arriving. She looked my way and smiled.  At least I thought she was smiling because she wore a mask. I asked her to take her mask off briefly for a portrait,  and when she did, there was “that face, that face, that wonderful face!
It shines, it glows all over the place”   (Sinatra lyrics)

I showed her the portrait, and she was thrilled. She gave me her email so I could send her the photo or a link to this post.

Britney told us that her family was from the Dominican Republic.  She has never visited Washington Heights in New York, and Eileen told her about the show “In the Heights.”


Cast of the Mambo Kings:    “Beautiful Maria of My Soul.”