Saturday yard sale: sunshine, laughs, community spirit…



Paul Goldfinger, MD, Editor

January 23, 2021.  A Tropicana family held a small yard sale this morning.  A group of about 5 people had gathered in the car port, and they were doing more socializing than selling. There were  no congestion or safety issues.

It is a lovely morning, the kind that communities thrive on, particularly for a down-home yard sale.

What a community needs for its nourishment are human-scale events like this..  We spoke to the Tropicanite who organized this sale, and she affirmed that this is all about getting neighbors together.

Of course some rules are necessary in the Park, but they need to be created very carefully, with the lifestyles and concerns of the residents in mind, and they must be reassessed periodically.  If they will not be enforced equally, then they should be cancelled to avoid double standards, and the civil rights of residents need to be considered.

Recently these overseers cancelled, without good reason,  a shareholder’s access to the Co-Op Facebook page, and the commander-in-chief here allowed an unsolicited park purchase offer to sabotage  the integrity of the Murex vote.

When we wrote an opinion piece about their recent performance, the Board sent my words to the Co-Op lawyer for him to respond.

The Co-op Board needs to act fairly and openly.  Trampling on residents should not be considered part of their mandate.

Today’s yard sale is a  tribute to community spirit and to the traditional American value of resisting  official abuse. Have you heard of the Boston Tea Party?

It should be noted that this yard sale was held without the owner’s seeking permission from on high.  And although it might seem like a small protest standing up to authority for what’s right,  such courage has to begin somewhere.



FRENCHIE DAVIS  from Ain’t Behavin.


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