A challenge to Tropicaners to do the right thing and oppose discrimination by the Tropicana Co-Op Board

Regarding free speech on the Internet by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)


Eileen Goldfinger of Camelia Drive was banned from the Tropicana Co-Op Facebook page because she dared to suggest that some of you read the  Tropicana Forum  (this site.)  The Co-Op board doesn’t like our opinions here, so they banned her, not for anything wrong that she said, but only for offering you another choice of information in our free society.

But the situation is even worse than you might think.  There are Tropicaners who post on that Facebook page who engage in  personal attacks on others in the Park, and there is at least one person who has criticized the Board on that Facebook page. All are violations which are worse than what Eileen is being banished for.

Yet none of these people has been blocked from the site.   Their behavior, according to the action against Eileen, should also be banned from the site, but they are not.

And the Board and Clarice Campbell have not offered lucid explanations for any of this.

You have to agree that such double standards are wrong.

Would you be willing to stand with us in a protest against that bias?

We ask you to place posts on that Facebook page recommending Tropicanaforum.com as a site to visit for interesting articles about the Park and the plans to sell it.  If you do that,  please send us an email to confirm, because we are not allowed on that site.  Blogfinger@verizon.net

Will you also be dropped from the Facebook page?   We ask you to take a chance in the name of American free expression.  If they dare to drop any of you, then you can join us in taking action against their violations of free speech.    And if they don’t drop you then that will confirm the hypocrisy here.

Being blocked from that crummy Facebook page isn’t so bad, but being subjected to bias and double standards there is worth objecting to.

We can use some help in fighting the good fight here in Tropicana Park.

ps:     You should know that during the last 4 days, we have had a total of 759 visits to Tropicanaforum.com, so residents here do find it of value.


Paul Goldfinger,  Editor at Tropicana Forum


MAX RAABE   “Tomorrow is Another Day”