Nutty link policies at the Co-Op Facebook Department.



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Paul Goldfinger, MD   Editor @Tropicana Forum.    January 31, 2021

As many of you now know, if you place a link on the Co-Op Facebook page, you will be in violation of a bizarre new rule at the site. Then they will block you—perhaps doing you a favor.

A shareholder/resident here in Tropicana got blocked from the Co-Op Facebook page recently by Clarice Campbell, the Park Manager and Facebook page manager, but the resident was never told that the block was because of a “link.”

That information  only emerged 4 days ago at the Board of Director’s meeting when Campbell said so publicly in response to an in-person query from me, in front of everybody who was there.

I bet that no one in the park knew that links were forbidden before that meeting. A couple of days ago I learned that she posted that rule on the site to warn everybody about links.

Links are common means of communication on the Internet and they are commonly used throughout Facebook.  But here at Tropicana they are banned because of fear of viruses and scammers.  This is, of course, nonsense here.  But there is more to this ridiculous digital story:

I have investigated the situation and I found out that the resident who was banned did not even post a link.  You see, if you write down a website address (a URL ) such as into Facebook  (as she did) Facebook will automatically convert it into a link. She did not post a link–Facebook did.  She just wanted to recommend a Tropicana web site.

But, with WordPress, the international company who runs this blog, posting a URL  (as  seen above) does not create a link.

It’s a shame that the Co-Op web manager doesn’t know enough about Facebook to avoid falsely accusing someone of linking.  She should blame Facebook and herself for that.

Campbell  is over-her-head running a group page, and now the current obnoxious and false accusation needs to be reversed immediately.  Enough damage has been done–let me count the ways….The Board needs to act now, as promised.

At the very least, an apology from the Co-Op is warranted.

Do you think Campbell will now ban posting URL’s?    What if someone wants to recommend a website (URL) on the Tropicana Facebook page as our accused resident did?

Campbell needs to get smarter regarding this topic before she falsely accuses someone else and causes further ruination of someone’s free speech and reputation.  She should look up the words “defamation”  and “discrimination.”

This story is not over.


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