Quote of the day: John Adams—rings true for Co-Op

John Adams, second US President.


“Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.”  John Adams.


Paul Goldfinger, MD, Editor of Tropicanaforum.com   (this is a URL, not a link–but if I wrote it on the Co-Op page, Facebook would turn it into a link.)  Co-op has made links illegal on their site.


Here at Tropicana we have a Board of Directors which has not been transparent regarding all aspects of the park sale.  We have seen suspicious interference with the last Murex election as well as defiance of an agreement with Murex regarding exclusivity.  Did the Board violate that agreement when MHM jumped in at the last minute just before that vote?

We have seen the surprise buyer MHM getting precise details of the Murex offer in order to prepare theirs.  How did that happen? Has there been  unethical sharing of confidential information?

And the most  recent surprise Murex proposal (#3)  was tossed into the ring by an email to us without any explanation regarding how that came about.   And that Murex offer was delayed to reach us. Why?

Evidently the Board President has an explanation about that which he sent to shareholders, but I never got it.  I am requesting a copy.*

Now, there is a “meeting” and vote on Feb. 9, but  if you were expecting a discussion, you will probably only get the vote and the result.

And that vote for Feb 9 is ridiculous because we already voted to sell the park.  Why haven’t we simply gone ahead with Murex offer #3?  They still haven’t reached their finish date.

Later MHM could be considered if Murex is gone..

The shareholders should insist that their Board be completely transparent in these matters and should not play games in denying us pertinent information. Lack of information creates a climate of suspicion, and these issues require that the shareholders trust the Board.

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So, what’s it all about:



Editor’s Note: 2/2/21:     Co-Op Secretary Sandy  Balboni today sent me a copy of this email that went out on Jan. 28:

Please see below note from the Board President:
Fellow Shareholders,
A recent social media post has caused many to question the delayed release of the third Murex offer, and understandably so.
As the board was looking for the same explanation, we immediately contacted the Co-ops attorney Brian Chase.  He responded the following morning that he had in fact received an email from Murex on 1/21/2021 which was a Federal Holiday.  He apologized and told us he had missed the email. 
Please note, that in spite of the delayed delivery, this in no way diminishes the validity of this offer.
Thank you,
Dennis Friemann
Sent on behalf of Board President, Dennis Friemann
Kind Regards, 
Clarice Campbell, CAM

Tropicana Co-op, Inc.
16711 McGregor Blvd
Fort Myers, FL  33908


From PG    OK–what then is the “validity of the offer?” Why doesn’t his note explain what Friemann has planned for this Murex offer?

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