To stop or not to stop; that is the question.

Dave Hodgson installs new sign near the Park entrance. Forum photo. FEb 3, 2021. ©


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor   (this is not a link!)


Dave Hodgson installs these new STOP  signs; the old ones are badly faded.  New stop signs cost about $70.00 each.

But will the signs cause more drivers to actually come to a full stop?  Many of them like to roll  through STOP signs in the Park.   Note that bicycles, motorcycles, and golf carts must follow the same rules of the road as cars and trucks.

There are three stop signs at the intersection of Avocado Drive and East Palm Drive.  It is my observation that about 50% of drivers on Palm fail to come to a full stop there, as do most bicyclists.

Dave has a “wish:”    He says that all pedestrians need to walk against traffic so that if a vehicle comes their way, they can step off the road. This allows the oncoming vehicles to go straight and not swerve into the opposite lane.

Bicycles should go with the traffic.

Note that the police have no jurisdiction inside the Park.  So if they spot you going through one of our stop signs, they will not enforce the outside law. The same is true in places like the Publix parking lot.   So we depend on each other to keep each other safe.

Note that a Tropicaner was killed some years ago while riding her bike in the park.  Because the park is tightly wound, the 15 mph limit must be adhered to in order for somebody to get out of the way in time, especially around corners. Bikers and pedestrians are vulnerable, and it is easy to be distracted while enjoying the loveliness of the Park.

According to the American Ssfety Council: “Regardless of the reason, hundreds of thousands of car accidents occur each year when drivers run stop signs and many of them result in tragic deaths of drivers, passengers or pedestrians.”

And also from the Council:  “Distractions can come from all angles – cell phones, radios, passengers, external factors, exhaustion and more can take your mind or eyes off of the road. Sometimes, especially at night or while driving unfamiliar routes, drivers completely miss stop signs or other road signs.”  And I would add, especially for the ladies, that walking in clumps while chatting, requires vigilance and multitasking.

And, contrary to the Co-Op Facebook page, links are not to be feared.   Here is one for the American Safety Council. Click on the link below  “What Not to Do at a Stop Sign;”

What NOT to Do at a Stop Sign


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