Tropicana Facebook page: alive, but not well…

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor (a URL, not a link—get over it!)

Eileen was allowed back in, but it wasn’t easy.  She was allowed back because the Board stipulated that she could never again post a link there, even though what she posted was a URL, converted automatically to a link by Facebook.  And, for those of you who have failed recently to join the group,  the site was malfunctioning  recently until February 2, 2021,  thanks to our inquiry.   Now you can ask for admittance.


Here are the instructions on that site which is called Residents of Tropicana Community Forum:

“This is a closed group for use only by residents of Tropicana Co-Op. We hope that you’ll take the time to keep up with the community through this page. Management will use this for Hurricane Preparedness Information, Emergency Notices, and General Information.
You, as the community are invited to use this page as a bulletin board, and general information forum.
While we are excited to hear from you, it’s important to note that postings to Tropicana Co-Op Community Group Facebook page are not representative of the opinions of Tropicana Co-Op or Newby Management.
As part of our guidelines, we expect that users of the page will not post content that falls into the following categories and we reserve the right to remove postings that are:
– Abusive, defamatory, or obscene
– Fraudulent, deceptive or misleading
– In violation of any law or regulation
– Otherwise offensive
– Include Links to another page
We hope that you will use this platform to its true advantage, and show your neighbors just how friendly this community is!

So I went on the Facebook site and discovered, right on top, three actual active links:  one to , one to, and the other to a Sarasota vaccine website.   Do you suppose that Clarice will block these three people?  If she doesn’t, then it proves that Eileen was discriminated against.

The policy above does not even confirm that a link violation will result in termination.  The Co-Op rules above say that a violation of link policy will result in “removing postings” not banishment to Siberia.

So the punishment which Eileen received is bogus and prejudicial. Double standards and discrimination must be terminated, or someone will take more severe action, and good will in the Park will be damaged.

And any rules on the site which deprives a resident of access will be fraught with risk, because the notice above says that the site will be used for “hurricane preparedness information, emergency notices and general information:”  All of this must be made available to all residents whether or not they break the rules .

SHIRELLES      You may not like me now, but you will appreciate all this tomorrow: