Facebook nonsense—there is no end to it.

Feb 7, 2021.   Editorial:    The Co-op Facebook page is pathetic.

Today someone on the Co-op Facebook page said that they spoke to a woman who was driving around in Tropicana but who lives at an unnamed Murex property in Bonita Springs.  The visitor was not identified and she had nothing good to say about Murex, so the Co-op smear merchant accepted the unsubstantiated word of a stranger and posted it as fact on the Co-op Facebook page.  Fortunately someone else got to object.

This second-hand  information from an anonymous stranger is now on our site thanks to those who sloppily run that Tropicana page.  And the Co-Op resident  who repeated that dubious rant then took the opportunity to  compliment the bid by MHM who is waiting in the wings—a company which we know very little about and is currently not open for discussion.

Isn’t it curious that this outburst  appeared just a few days before the next vote—which is about whether we should sell the Park.  Deju vu all over again.  What should be on the table at that meeting is the Murex proposal #3.

Doesn’t it remind you of the sneak attack by MHM that occurred right before the last Murex vote?  There seems to be an attempt to discredit  the Murex bid by dubious methods.  Perhaps that loudmouth who came here to smear Murex is actually a hired stooge with a script.

Her opinion cannot be trusted, and the Co-op should have banned her unreliable opinions on the site because that Facebook page is only for residents.

So the Co-op Facebook page will block a resident who wanted to exercise free speech, but an anonymous hateful bomb thrower who doesn’t live here  is free to be quoted on the site. Currently there is a rambling discussion by a few people regarding the subject of selling the park. As usual there is mostly bombast without much in the way of facts.  The only voice of reason over there belongs to Tim Perry.  Go there and find his remarks, if you can find them among the detritus.

Residents of Tropicana Coop Community Forum on Facebook:    Pathetic and wrong!


Paul Goldfinger, Editor Tropicanaforum.com