Super Bowl and The Weekend: photo essay

Patrick Mahones II, the 25 year old quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs.  3rd quarter. He’s appropriately disappointed.  All photos by Paul Goldfinger from the TV CBS. 2/7/21.


Tom Brady. The winning quarterback. Tampa Bay. He’s a very serious guy and an amazing athlete and football star at 43 years old.


“The Weekend.”  A marvelous performer, 30 years old, from Canada, whose music is surprisingly accessible and versatile.  Amazing half time show.


Bruce Springsteen narrated a Jeep commercial which was a heartfelt plea for the coming together of America. It was filmed in the center of the country, symbolic of both sides meeting in the middle. Beautiful photography–scenes of our country united (see above.)


My  cousin Bob lives in Tampa where the game was played.  I spoke to him 30 minutes before the opening kickoff.  He was very excited and had to get off the phone.  That city has been undergoing a rebirth. It’s a happening place where many young people live.  Here is a link to our post about Tampa from one year ago.


“The Weekend” is a young performer who has had a meteoric rise in the recording industry. The song below is called “Starboy” from the album of the same name. It won a Grammy.

I was wondering about his peculiar name, but many young performers have unusual names.   And it’s nothing new for a music talent to do that.  Remember Englebert Humperdinck?  And how about the jazz trumpet player. “Dizzy?”



“Starboy” by the Weekend: