Tropicana Forum stats…






By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor at


We have been monitoring the progress of the    (This is a URL; not a link.)  We judge interest primarily by the number of “visits”  aka “hits” which we receive on a daily basis. Some of those represent repeat visits by the same person, so that if someone visits twice on the same day, it will be counted as two visits.  We don’t count individual person visits.

On the other hand, if two people  on the same computer visit on the same day, it will also be counted as 2 visits.

So the total hits will not exactly represent the number of individuals. I guess that the number of individuals is probably 70% of the total hits.

However, the total number of “visits” is a good indicator of the degree of interest in what we have to offer, because if someone returns more than once on the same day, that does suggest a more intense level of interest.

On the Forum we have been receiving good numbers given the pool of people who might want to read our offerings. We don’t know how many people are in the Park now, but perhaps 600 is a good estimate.  Here are our latest numbers:

2/3=156; 2/6=-91; 2/7=115; 2/8=105.

Since we are new in this community, this is an impressive start.  Our goal is to have Tropicaners read us and find our information of interest.  Perhaps these numbers will go up as more Tropicaners hear about us.  If you Google “Tropicana” you will find us, and also will outsiders.  The Board of Directors would do well to keep an eye on us rather than attacking us irrationally.  They are invited to comment, but don’t hold your breath.

We could look at the number of comments, but recently comments have been infrequent, and that is also true of our blog in New Jersey.  The reason is unclear, but the number of visits is a better guide to interest.  “COVID fatigue” may be a factor.

And remember, it is OK to have opinions, but it is not OK to present opinions as facts.  Opinions are fine under the heading of “freedom of speech.”

We encourage commenters, but there are rules.  (See the tab at the top of our home page)   Rule violators may be edited or even refused publication depending on what they are submitting. Here are a few  reasons to reject a comment:


a. Failure to give one’s real name  (first and last.)  No anonymous submissions will be approved.

b. Engaging in personal attacks.  Someone can disagree with whatever is on the blog, but calling someone “a liar” is not allowed. If a fact is in dispute, just tell us what the real facts are.

c.  Submitting false information will result in correcting the falsehood or rejecting the entire comment.

d.  Attributing motives.  You can’t say “All he cares about is making money.”    And you can’t say,  “The  Forum lies and is nasty.”   But you can express your opposition in terms of the facts.