E-mail today, Feb 10, 2021: Co-Op calls a meeting for Friday, Feb 12, 11 am.

This email arrived today, Feb. 10, 2021, one day after the special meeting/vote about whether to sell.   We were told that the vote was “yes” to sell the park.  We don’t know the actual vote result,but our source tells us that the spread was not close.

Now we see that a followup meeting is scheduled for Friday, Feb 12.    It’s good that the Board wants to get moving on this matter.    They need to decide what to do about the Murex offer #3 and what do about other inquiries which have been submitted.

This email says that the meeting will consist of  “announcements, questions and discussion” under the agenda title of :”Plan For Selling the Co-Op

Note there is a “Conference Call phone number”  605 313 5111, which presumably will get you to hear the meeting in the form of a phone call. “Access Code is 838989#”


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