Clarification from the Tropicana Co-Op Board Secretary regarding the Friday, Feb.12 shareholders meeting:

 Note that the office Wi-Fi is down, so ZOOM is impossible .


At the February 9, 2021 shareholder meeting a total of 127 shareholders submitted proxies or ballots 2 were disqualified (forgetting to check either yes or no). Out of the 125 counted 112 were “yes” and 13 were “no ”

The follow up meeting on Friday morning, February 12,  at 11:00 is a Special Board Meeting. Shareholders are not only welcome but encouraged to attend in person or on the phone. The conference call number is (605) 313-5111, Access Code 838989#.

If you have any questions about meetings or vote totals, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to provide you or any shareholder with accurate information.

Sandy Balboni
Secretary, Tropicana Co-Op Board of Directors

Editor’s note:   We thank Sandy for this accurate information. We want to have the facts straight at all times if possible.  And we will post anything which the Co-Op sends us.  Of course  we may disagree.

Paul Goldfinger, MD,