Tropicana Co-Op meets to plan for sale of the Park

Ted Skrypak of Camelia Drive speaks about his ideas at the meeting.


By Paul Goldfinger, MD.  Editor at

Feb  12, 2021         At a Board of Directors meeting today, attended by about 60 people, the Board decided to move forward “expeditiously” to choose a buyer for the Park.  There are 4 companies waiting in the wings but other companies might be invited to join the bidding.

The Negotiating Committee will prepare a list of criteria to be presented to each bidding company  There will be no more unsolicited offerings or negotiating—each bidder gets one shot. Subsequently  the Committee will narrow down the choices to two.

At that time the shareholders will attend a meeting to discuss the two finalists.   The goal is find a buyer as soon as possible. A deal should be struck before the “Snowbirds” leave after Easter.

The reason that shareholders must sign into these Board meetings is that the details are private.

Shareholders will not receive emails detailing such sensitive components as minutes of meetings or Treasurer’s reports.  Email blasts will be used to maintain communication.  Don’t expect to find official announcements on Facebook or here at the Tropicana Forum.

Shareholders can read the minutes of today’s meeting  by going to  That site has a shareholders section where one can sign in and read announcements, minutes, treasurers reports, etc.

Here is a link to that Trop. site.



If you don’t know how to sign in, check with management.  At the top of the home page is an orange bar or a three line menu. Click on “community news.” Sign in there.

We don’t know how many shareholders actually know about or use  that website, but it should be a good place to look for news.  If we find some news that’s not available there, we will report on it here.  Communication between Board and shareholders is essential and needs improvement.

And don’t forget, when the Park is sold, the Co-Op and all its flaws will be history.


ETHEL MERMAN  from Gypsy   “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.”