Mardi Gras parade in Tropicana Park

All photos by Paul Goldfinger photographer. Feb 16, 2021


Ted Skrypak and his Beetle led the parade.  It was almost as good as Bourbon Street. Some were clutching cups of unknown liquid while others were tossing beads as they rode by.   There was a lot of honking horns, laughs and waves to the crowd.

If a young lady  were in New Orleans, she could get some beads by flashing the guys, but today there was none of that.  Participants wore masks and colorful costumes, and I saw a couple of kids and one dog.

We can’t show all the photos here but if some ambitious person wanted to have a thumb drive and distribute all the pictures, I could make that happen.  Contact us at

So, on with the show, and don’t forget to click the music at the end. If you click a photo, it will enlarge and show all the details!



Ted Skrypak leads the way. 2/16/21 Mardi Gras.









THE NEW ORLEANS JAZZ VIPERS   “I Hope You’re Comin ‘ Back to New Orleans.”  From the HBO series  TREME´



IRMA THOMAS    from TREME.  “Time is on My Side.”


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