Adhering to prevention rules: not exactly at this farmers market in Florida

Distancing is a moving target at this fairly crowded event. Most are wearing a mask. Paul Goldfinger photo. 2/17/21


This sign is quite detailed, but Eileen says that I am the only one there to read it. Blogfinger photo. Click on image to read it.



By Paul Goldfinger, MD   2/17/21.

In Florida there has been a pretty loose effort to do lock downs as well as masks and distancing.  Restaurants, businesses, and schools are open, and the Governor here believes that lock-downs are damaging to the citizens.   Their results in terms of deaths and new cases are middle of the road.

Despite the signs here, most seem unconcerned, even at this higher risk event.  Eileen knew exactly what we needed, and we arrived early before the mobs appeared.  But you might be able to discern the line heading left to right–that’s where you get “New York bagels.”   Hmmmm!   Call me skeptical. So most had masks, but Eileen is in that line, and the folks do crunch ahead.

I tried to distance as I took some photos illustrating some of the COVID ironies.   People seem to be disbelievers, and many in the military and elsewhere are refusing the shots.   But I don’t know anyone who is refusing a shot if offered.  We got out of there pretty quickly. We did not stop to have a coffee and a French pastry, which is our usual routine.

We drove 3 hours each way to grab a 1st shot appointment  in Tampa a few days ago.   So to actually get the vaccine was a real shot in the arm for our mood. They say that the second shot makes you sick.  Another irony.


And then there is prayer:   This is the Preservation Hall Jazz Band in New Orleans: