Free brown spots and wrinkles. And remember to buy donkey milk soap at the Lakes Market.

Ft. Myers Lakes farmers market. Paul Goldfinger. Click to view the merchandise close up.


This market has exploded with snake oil salesman’s booths. For awhile it was all food stuffs, but it looks like the charlatans have reappeared. This booth offered cures for wrinkles and brown spots.

Another one promised prostate health including cancer prevention. The turmeric lady is a specialist, and there are all sorts of teas with medicinal or magical properties.

Local honey–a lot of health claims for this sweet natural therapy.


One sign said, “Local Honey” but I thought they meant the sweet young thing at the counter. There also is kombucha, elderberry elixir, holistic skin care and orange flavored olive oil.


GYPSY cast “You Gotta Have a Gimmick.”