Blast from the past—- Last Hot Dog Day of the season: looking back to 2012.

Paul Goldfinger, MD,  Editor at


Tropicana Hot Dog Day was held last week despite the COVID prevention issues.  We weren’t there, but it reminded us of one that we did attend in 2012.


a great old time at the hotdog extravaganza

It was a beautiful day for a hot dog barbecue.  The event which had occurred on the 3rd Thursday of each month was a big success, with nearly 200 dogs getting wolfed down with mustard and sauerkraut by an enthusiastic crowd of dog lovers.  Although the fat content was high, the aroma was intoxicating.  Next year, under Obamacare, there will be free Pepcid for everybody. (but it will be the cheap generic from Turkey).

Bob Powers (Tropicana’s Bobby Flay,chillin’ and grillin’) keeping up with the line of salivating customers.

At the helm was Chris Power who organized the event and supervised the entire production. The chief chef was Bob Powers, and assisting him was the future chief chef Dominick Lamonte.  It turns out that the Powers power duo was “retiring” and a new hot dog crew was being trained. Next year Ron and Pat Six will be taking over.

Hot dog ladies: Chris Powers (L) and next years chairwoman Pat Six. Behind them is the man in charge of buns—Bryant Pearson.


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